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Cantos Bros: team spirit

We have never hidden our passion for the image. Film, television drama, documentaries, great stories that have flesh and blood ... We, Jean-Marie, Eric and Joel the three brothers Cantona in order of appearance in the world, we love it almost as much as football.
When Eric and Joel, the two professional players in the family, began to take their first steps as actors – in Nike commercials directed by Terry Gilliam or Tarsem Singh or for the Le Bonheur est dans le Pré by Etienne Chatillez (1995) for both - the idea of a joint project about cinema and production emerged. To give life and to shape our ideas, which constantly sparked when we met together.
The trigger for the adventure of the Canto Bros. come soon afterwards. From one of these incredible stories that Eric generated in Britain during his six seasons in English football. That of Gary King, a supporter of Leeds United, Eric’s first team in England. A man who, for the love of his idol, become a fan of Manchester United and even of their tricolour selection.
So Shocking! And so touching.
Gary dropped everything to follow Eric, who became his friend ... and his unusual destiny has made him a hero of cinema. By offering Ken Loach and screenwriter Paul Laverty the opportunity to transcend the history of this extraordinary supporter, we finally set foot in the world of production. "Looking For Eric", was presented at Cannes in 2009 and is the first Canto Bros. movie, co-produced with Wild Bunch, Why Not and Sixteen films, Ken Loach’s company.
Since then, in parallel with the acting careers of Joel and Eric, without mixing genres, Canto Bros. produced or coproduced from Marseille, documentaries and dramas for television and film. " Les Rebelles du Foot” for Arte and a host of foreign chains, the series "Looking for" stories of mythical derbies, showcased on Canal Plus, "Anka" a Croatian film shot in 2013, or "Colleagues in Brazil" in development for 2014.
With Canto Bros., we operate as we have always done: by feel, focusing on human relationships and seeking to produce films that reflect our values. Social, popular and aesthetic. Works which we can be proud of.